The Farm



We are located in the Serra de São Mamede Natural Park, one of the most humanized national parks of Portugal, 4 Km from the Centre of Castelo de Vide, one of the most beautiful towns in the country. We offer 200,000 square meters where you can rest, seven high standard comfort rooms, entertainment areas, a spacious living room, and many outdoors activities – dams and riverside views, mountains to discover, hiking, horse riding centres and bird watching. There are also agricultural activities, most of them related to the lavender fields from which the farm got its name – Quinta das Lavandas.

Lavender: colour, fragrance  and health

Lavender reigns supreme on the Quinta das Lavandas. On the farm are planted  6ha (60, 000 sq mts) of  lavender of two varieties: Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandim grosso bleu. The main purpose of the plantation of lavender is the production of essential oils and production of traditional products resulting from lavender.

The Garden – The Vineyard – Orchard

On the farm, the desired sustainability in the agriculture section includes the production of the best possible products for the local consumption on the farm as part of its tourism activity.  In order to achieve this goal , and in addition to the existing secular olive groves (where a wild olive tree over 10 feet tall can be admired), we also grow  an orchard, a small vineyard and is been prepared  a backyard  garden , where will grow  several products for the farm consumption. These activities are integrated into the agricultural part of the Quinta das Lavandas and represent our deep concern for of the land and the maintenance of agricultural land uses.
jardim lavandas

The lavender garden

In the Lavender Garden can be observed the largest existing collection of lavenders in Portugal. Note that there are over 100 varieties of lavender and in the farm are planted over 40 from cold climates plants to the tropical climates ones. In the garden, flowering starts by March with the stoechas in white, pink, red and ends in July with the angustifólias lavenders. Lavenders in the garden can be seen in several colours (white, pink, red, lilac, etc.) and different ways. The garden is a joy for the eyes and inebriation of senses. One has to sit and enjoy the plants and feel the magical effect they have on you.
o alambique 11

The still

The distillery is an ex-libris of Q.L. Built to make the distillation of essential oils from the lavender cultivated on the farm. The project, signed by the sculptor John North, was by then built from scratch. On QL we consider it an object of beauty .Watching it distilling is one of the activities offered to guests and visitors. The technique of trawling steam, follows the ancient ways. The oils and water floras possess a high quality,  being used in the production of LAVENDAE ™ (organic) cosmetics which include a  line of soaps and other products. The still operates during the flowering months. A visit to the still needs reservation (please check the section “visits to the farm”).
visitas quinta

Visit the farm

Visits to the Quinta das Lavandas and lavender fields take place on tuesday and thursday (other days may be considered for appointment) at 11h00, with an average duration of 1,5 hours.

During the visit is provided to visitors: a visit to the lavender fields, a brief explanation about growing lavender and distillery, as well as a visit to the Garden of lavenders,where grown over 40 varieties of the species.

At the end of the tour visitors can stroll freely through Thursday and take pictures.