Our vision – a place to dream

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Create a sustainable living space where nature is an experience of well-being and harmony with the land and their ancestral values.

nossa visao 1

Our history – who tells a tale…

The birth of Quinta das Lavandas is the result of the will power of two people who believed that it was possible to lead a project with these characteristics, despite both having no previous experience, either in agriculture, or accommodation. It’s also the outcome of perseverance, the determination to innovate, the desire of overcome the ordinary. Above all, the taste to try and break new ground, showing that on the fields of Portugal, new horizons can be traced.

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We are committed, through our vertically integrated model of sustainable agriculture, with the preservation of the territory that we have inherited and its agricultural traditions, protecting it from pollution by adopting farming practices on organic production and providing a destination of natural beauty for all to enjoy “up close and personal” in this culture.

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Local and organic

We are committed to using organic products. At Quinta das Lavandas we always use, whenever possible in all our activities, products grown there or use local producers to boost the local economy and ensure its sustainability. The lavender oil and its derivatives are distilled at Quinta das Lavandas’s own distillery and the lavender plants grown there allows us to maintain a thorough knowledge and adequate control over everything that goes into our products.

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Hand made products

We are committed to producing our own products at Quinta das Lavandas and resurrecting forgotten traditions, particularly with regard to the growing of lavender, an ancient Mediterranean tradition with strong social ramifications. The production of products in the farm helps to ensure its quality. Our goal is to get to the demanding public the culture of lavender through the development of products for modern, functional and effective design.